Lisa Brounstein is an actor, writer and comedian.  As a chubby 5-year old she took to the stage for a ballet recital and never looked back.  After a brief stint as the Mama Bear in Los Tres Osos in Mrs. Ross’ 4th Grade class she knew her path was destined. Since that time she has been seen performing stand-up at The Comedy Store in both La Jolla and Hollywood and has recently been seen at the prestigious Hollywood Hotel.

Her first role in Hollywood was playing the girlfriend, Puddles, of Adam Rifkin in a film called Denial (later called Something About Sex when released on video.) Soon after she was cast in a small part on ER, where while her character was unconscious the staff made fun of her size. 

As a plus-size woman, Lisa has been an advocate of people loving their bodies no matter their size, shape or color.  While she may have taken parts, in the beginning of her career, that seem to be the antithesis of that stand, she used those moments as opportunities to speak out. Whether she was discussing her own body or going undercover to expose how fat people are treated differently than thin people when purchasing gym memberships, Lisa found herself as the “go-to-fat-girl” on Inside Edition and on Entertainment Tonight.  Soon after a Cover Story aired on Entertainment Tonight, highlighting her as a plus-size actor in Hollywood, she had the rare and amazing opportunity to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss “What It’s Like To Be Fat.”  She was on The Oprah Winfrey Show with three dear friends who appeared with her in a documentary by Dylan Robertson called, The Size of It, which followed four women of size in their lives for a year.

Lisa’s fortuitous career has been peppered with wonderful roles on both CSI and on, the acclaimed HBO series, Carnivale.  She appeared in the outrageous Jonas Akerlund film Spun as well as the dream-come-true role of Mama Cass in the film My Dinner with Jimi.

As a writer, Lisa has penned a handful of sitcom pilots, her own stand-up comedy sets as well as her one-woman show, More Than 300 Pounds.  Her one-woman show has received rave reviews as she has workshopped it for intimate groups.  Two staged readings are scheduled for May 2011 at The Little Victory Theater in Burbank, CA.

Lisa looks forward to continuing to break the stereotype of the “fat woman” and to showing the world a woman of size who does live an amazing, rich and fulfilling life.